Free Shipping To USA 18K Elegant Butterfly Custom Name Necklace Rose Gold

Free Shipping To USA 18K Elegant Butterfly Custom Name Necklace Rose Gold
Free Shipping To USA 18K Elegant Butterfly Custom Name Necklace Rose Gold
Free Shipping To USA 18K Elegant Butterfly Custom Name Necklace Rose Gold

Free Shipping To USA 18K Elegant Butterfly Custom Name Necklace Rose Gold

Model: name necklace-20160023

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Extender Chain:   2 Inches (5cm)
Pendant Size:   2 - 5cm
Pendant Thickness:   1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch
Material:   Copper
Categories:   Name Necklace
Production Time:   5 - 7 Business Days
Packaging:   Velvet Bag Or Box
Weight Ranges:   0.05 - 0.08 kg
  60 Days Money Back

Welcome To Custom Name Necklace From,  We Are From USA. Engraved Your Name On Necklace, Show Your Unique Style, You Can Get Free Shipping To USA. All Of Our Name Necklace Are Plated By 18K Real Gold, Don't Fade In 180 Days. On The Other Hand, After You Buy Our Name Necklace, If You Don't Like, You Can Get Money Back In 6 Monthes!



Customer Reviews

  • It is a surprise gift and she cried.I think that means she loves it ,right?
  • Patrick - customerFriday 21 July, 2017

  • It is perfect,I love my necklace .
  • Thomas - customerSaturday 20 May, 2017

  • When the butterfly combine with my name.I have to say it is so beautiful and fashion.It is elegant.
  • Fessy - customerWednesday 22 March, 2017

  • Beautiful necklace!!I like very much.I\'m going to buy one for my sister.
  • Hien - customerSunday 15 January, 2017

  • I like this necklace.beautiful necklace.i bought a heart shape.It very have administrative levels feeling.
  • Ione - customerMonday 05 December, 2016

  • Compliments. Simple, very durable, great quality. Did not irritate my sensitive skin.
  • Bridgette - customerSunday 13 November, 2016

  • Grandson was very pleased with it. Just the right size for an 11 year old
  • Gigi - customerTuesday 08 November, 2016

  • Sweet necklace.
  • Alta - customerTuesday 18 October, 2016

  • beautiful..luv it
  • Rudelle - customerWednesday 05 October, 2016

  • This necklace is just adorable. I love it
  • Rafaela - customerThursday 22 September, 2016

  • Beautiful, perfect gift for my daughter
  • Monique - customerSunday 03 July, 2016

  • Absolutely stunning! Shipped fast! I\'ve seen these necklaces a thousand times at carnival and fairs ect. The quality of this one is flawless!!! It\'s sturdy and the lettering looks amazing
  • Valerie - customerThursday 19 May, 2016

  • He comprado esto para mi madre, y ella lo ama.Ella lleva todo el tiempo cuando ella sale de la casa.
  • Giovanna - customerSunday 10 April, 2016

  • It is great! We like the product and the service!
  • Malaya - customerFriday 12 February, 2016

  • Received my necklace today and liked it so much that I will be ordering one for my sister. I ordered one from someone else several months ago but when I received it I was a little surprised at how big the name was.
  • Diane - customerSunday 07 February, 2016

  • Love it! This is exactly what I wanted.
  • Joesa - customerFriday 01 January, 2016

  • I absolutely love LOVE LOVE it its even more beautiful in person I just ordered another one for my daughter in law
  • Andrea - customerSunday 20 December, 2015

  • Just received it and I love it!!
  • Arlene - customerSunday 11 October, 2015

  • I love it!!! I love it! Awesome necklace. Took forever to get it but so worth it.
  • Elizabeth - customerThursday 24 April, 2014

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