Localed In USA 18K White Gold Cheap Custom Name Necklace

Localed In USA 18K White Gold Cheap Custom Name Necklace
Localed In USA 18K White Gold Cheap Custom Name Necklace
Localed In USA 18K White Gold Cheap Custom Name Necklace
Localed In USA 18K White Gold Cheap Custom Name Necklace

Localed In USA 18K White Gold Cheap Custom Name Necklace

Model: name necklace-20160029
$28.46  $16.00

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Extender Chain:   2 Inches (5cm)
Pendant Size:   2 - 5cm
Pendant Thickness:   1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch
Material:   Copper
Categories:   Name Necklace
Production Time:   5 - 7 Business Days
Packaging:   Velvet Bag Or Box
Weight Ranges:   0.05 - 0.08 kg
  60 Days Money Back

Welcome To Custom Name Necklace From Customnamenecklace.us,  We Are From USA. Engraved Your Name On Necklace, Show Your Unique Style, You Can Get Free Shipping To USA. All Of Our Name Necklace Are Plated By 18K Real Gold, Don't Fade In 180 Days. On The Other Hand, After You Buy Our Name Necklace, If You Don't Like, You Can Get Money Back In 6 Monthes!



Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful piece! Well made and came in a great box. Very happy with it.
  • Kenny Rivas - customerSaturday 20 August, 2016

  • Love it. Beautiful.
  • Cindy - customerSunday 14 August, 2016

  • Bought this for my daughter\'s birthday & she loves it! It is a great size, excellent quality, & arrived sooner than expected! Will be buying one for myself!
  • Jasmin - customerMonday 08 August, 2016

  • Perfect. Fit true to size. Bright and isn\'t weak or chincy. Very happy
  • Nature - customerWednesday 27 July, 2016

  • Nice quality piece for the money.
  • Breana Copeland - customerMonday 04 July, 2016

  • Love this finished product.
  • Desiray Lopez - customerSaturday 18 June, 2016

  • Looks cool and hasn't worn out on me.
  • Teana Williams - customerFriday 10 June, 2016

  • Bought this for my grandaughter & it\'s very nice. She has an unusual name so she will enjoy this necklace. Will do it again.
  • Eileen - customerSunday 29 May, 2016

  • I love this necklace, I received it on time. Great price great quality. It was exactly what I needed for my loss.
  • Rajanae Cooper - customerWednesday 20 April, 2016

  • Gorgeous! i am ready to order another. just wish i had multiple names!
  • Jeffrey - customerSunday 03 April, 2016

  • Muy bien hecho.¬°Genial!
  • Diana - customerTuesday 22 March, 2016

  • My 17 year old daughter loves hers and wears it everyday. Had it since Xmas 2015 with no discoloration. Bought two more for my nieces.
  • Jered Smothers - customerWednesday 16 March, 2016

  • Love this necklace. It's a great reminder of my beloved Duke.
  • Maya Smith - customerFriday 04 March, 2016

  • Great necklace; everything as advertised. The quality of the chain and the pendant was really good, and the weight was just right. The name came out really well with no blemishes whatsoever. Would highly recommend!
  • Syselie - customerSaturday 20 February, 2016

  • Received it one day before Valentine's day ,I guess it means it is gift from myself.When I open it ,I know I am in love again.It is perfect.
  • Alexis Vance - customerSaturday 13 February, 2016

  • My daughter loved it and all of her friends want one now too!
  • Teagan widman - customerWednesday 20 January, 2016

  • Love it. Came in about 3 weeks. Will be ordering more soon
  • Clara - customerWednesday 13 January, 2016

  • Necklace arrived quickly and it is beautiful. It even came with simple instruments to help fill it. I am very pleased.
  • Brienna Decker - customerMonday 04 January, 2016

  • My Wife loves it. I might ordered her one in the future plated with gold.
  • Brianna Jones - customerThursday 17 December, 2015

  • Love it! It's absolutely perfect especially for the price.
  • Briana Smith - customerFriday 11 December, 2015

  • Very happy with my purchase. Plan on buying more
  • Laura Arencibia - customerThursday 03 December, 2015

  • Love this necklace, it looks great. I have one with each of my daughter\'s names on it. Whenever I\'m wearing one of these necklaces I get a lot of compliments. My only complaint is shipping takes a really long time.
  • Rarielle - customerFriday 27 November, 2015

  • Very pleased with my name necklace. I like the case it came in, I'd buy this again. This is a great gift idea as well!
  • Bria Thorne - customerFriday 13 November, 2015

  • Gift for daughter, she loves it
  • Etta - customerTuesday 03 November, 2015

  • My daughter's have unusual names so I held my breath until the two necklaces arrived...they are gorgeous! Thank you so much for the beautiful cutting of their names. Awesome!
  • Yahlexis Cuevas - customerSunday 01 November, 2015

  • Love this necklace! It's large, very visible, shiny, delicately and beautifully crafted. It even arrived a day early! Would recommend.
  • Jolinda Terrell - customerFriday 23 October, 2015

  • Loved the first. Bought another!!
  • Tiffany Cunningham - customerWednesday 07 October, 2015

  • I bought each of my daughters a necklace for Christmas. They were very good quality and have been worn several times. I was very happy with the result!
  • Dailianys Machado - customerSaturday 03 October, 2015

  • Wonderful quality and beautiful piece of jewelry. Bought this for my six year old daughters birthday! I wish I would have ordered the shortest chain as I overestimated her size, but now I know that she can grow into it! The birthstone is a really nice touch!
  • Nicolette - customerWednesday 30 September, 2015

  • Exactly what I wanted!
  • Alexandria - customerWednesday 23 September, 2015

  • Love this ! Perfect for everyday
  • Haley Yarber - customerSaturday 12 September, 2015

  • I purchased this necklace for my daughter's birthday. She adores it. Now she would like to have one in gold.
  • Alexandra Chavez - customerMonday 07 September, 2015

  • My daughter loved it. I was happy with the quality of the product.
  • Diana - customerWednesday 12 August, 2015

  • I love the Necklace... It came as scheduled, packaged securely and beautifully. The necklace is not to big or flashy very elegant enough to wear every day. The chain is sturdy enough, not flimsy! I am going to get my daughter one once she is a little older.. Nicely made does not look cheap..
  • Taylor Johnson - customerFriday 07 August, 2015

  • I got the 16" I kinda wish I would have gotten it a little longer but its no biggie. Shipping did take a bit but it is customized. Overall very happy! Thanks!
  • michelle harmony - customerThursday 23 July, 2015

  • Beautiful! Quick delivery and nicely presented...my daughter loved it! Recommend highly
  • Kendra Jones - customerSaturday 11 July, 2015

  • good product
  • Kiera Cooper - customerFriday 03 July, 2015

  • Worth it: I love my necklace
  • Martin Phanthao - customerWednesday 17 June, 2015

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