Beautifully made. Can’t beat $29Beautifully made.

Beautifully made. Can’t beat $29.99 for something custom made that is sterling silver. I though it was going to be stainless steel. I was pleasantly surprised. Got it to honor “Anabel” my kitty of 16 years that recently passed who was my best buddy and loyal companion since I was 18. Custom Name Necklace
I like the way the name was written and it’s a great gift for specific people. I bought this for my friends birthday and she liked it a lot. It was made nicely and the container of it was also very pretty
I really love this necklace. I’ve worn it every day since I bought it three months ago and still no tarnish. And even if it did, I would buy another one at that price. Cheap Name Necklace
Beautiful necklace. The only thing is that the photos make the necklace appear larger than it actually is, but that’s not really a problem. Arrives very quickly in a zip-seal baggie within an adorable little box.
Mine just arrived, and it is seriously beautiful. I was worried that it would look/feel cheap because it was such an inexpensive item but I promise IT’S NOT. The name part is small and the letters are formed really well – none of the letters were misshapen or had any bumps. The chain doesn’t have those giant loops like cheap jewelry usually does, this chain is small and inconspicuous just like you would want your chain to be. It even came with a chain extender! Without the extender, the necklace is probably more like a choker style, probably cute either way. I got the one in gold, and the gold color is sort of dark-ish (in a good way) not the super yellow-y fake-looking gold color. I got this as a gift for someone else, and I am so excited to give it to her. For the price, you really can’t go wrong with this piece.

Exactly as pictured. People notice it ..cute font !

Super cute and dainty!
Worked well as a gift for Christmas Custom Name Necklace
It was amazing. Thank you so much.
Bought this for a girl I know. I can’t tell you her name, but, what I will tell you is that she’s worn this necklace fairly often for the past month or so and nothing seems to be turning green or rusting or anything. Still looks like a wearable necklace. I say go for it.
Very nice. Quaint. Cute. Wife loved it
I gave my niece both the silver and gold necklaces as a birthday gift and she loved them. I figured these would be great for her since she was turning four and wanted some jewelry of her own. They are a good size and not too big for her which I was concerned about. I know these may not last forever but what you get for the price is perfect for a little person who wants a little personalized bling!
Small but cute
Exactly what I was expecting! Cheap Name Necklace
Great for the price!
I wish there were more options to choose from since i did mine on amazon review trader and got a discounted rate i had to choose from the list the name i was looking for was not there but the quality of the necklace is amazing the person that i was able to choose the name for loved it she wears it all the time! thank you for making a great product!


It’s so cute and look so real
It’s looks very nice thank you! Custom Name Necklace
Thank you so much!!!!!Very nice
Love the necklace !!!
it was a gift present to my nice and she love it
I love it! So cute I wear it all the time!
I love this necklace so much Cheap Name Necklace
It was a gift and she loved it so I guess it’s cool. And it came in a cute little box.
Looks great ! I’ve been wearing it every day!
The person I gave it to LOVED it.
Loveeeeee it !! Perfect abs the price is unbeatable
made a nice gift

A merry Christmas

I needed something to give to my sister to put inside her new jewelry box. This necklace was a great value for what I got.
Very sweet gift. On time. Thanks. Custom Name Necklace
I ordered the princess necklace, I absolutely love it so much. It’s great!
I was a little nervous about ordering these necklaces because I wanted several and it wasn’t clear how to order three. But, there was no reason for my hesitation. Company was very responsive and I got exactly what I wanted. Very easy process. The necklaces look great and the people I got them for absolutely loved them. I bought them for a friend and her daughters, but these would be a super fun shower or BFF gift.
looks like it’s worth more than the price. Very nice
Arrived early. I got it for my little sister, she loves it Cheap Name Necklace
I love it I put it on my granddaughters doll.
great item
My daughter got this for Christmas and loves it!
It’s pretty just keep it dry or it will slowly dull out as far as color goes.

I loved this necklace

I loved this necklace! The chain is a perfect length and it’s really nice quality! I would recommend this product to anyone!
Necklace looks good and sturdy. Custom Name Necklace
I absolutely love this necklace perfect length and good quality!!!!
Realllly love this ๐Ÿ™‚
Very excited about this necklace! Very happy with it!
i love this necklace its so cute and perfectยท
daughter loves it
Love this necklace! Cheap and adorable! I would definitely buy again for me or others!
Beautiful!! Gave to my daughter for her 9th birthday and she absolutely adored it!!
Arrived on time and as described. Came in a cute gift box. Cheap Name Necklace
Not bad looks nice is a pretty ok material definitely have to take care of it

My girls love their name necklaces

Friendly, fast, and accurate! My girls love their name necklaces. Custom Name Necklace
Great product and fast delivery.
Absolutely beautiful!
I bought this last year and I still have it today. It did not turn any colors .. I love it !
Obsessed! Great quality for the price- I keep accidentally wearing it in the shower and the color hasn’t changed at all!
Very pretty! Nicely made. Does not look cheap. Cute packaging!
My daughter got this for Christmas and absolutely loved it
Necklace is exactly what it looks in the picture and what I wanted. Only thing is that it came in a huge knot that took hours to try and get undone.
Purchased this as a gift for my best friends 31st birthday on June 6, 2015 . It was a hit. So far so good. She loves it! Wears it daily !
This is for my sisters and I love it!!! Thank you so much
Great for the price! Cheap Name Necklace

this is perfect. The clasp is weak but cute for kids

A gift for 12 year old from a 12 year old, this is perfect. The clasp is weak but cute for kids.

I love this necklace it’s personalized, cute and dainty. Custom Name Necklace
I love my necklace. I have my daughter’s name on it. Good quality product.
Cute & you can wear with anything!
Super cute. Item just as described.
Very pretty necklace and great customer service.
I love my customized necklace, and the seller was very responsive to any questions and requests I had. No complaints!
Amazing necklace! So pretty with good weight. My daughter is 13 and is going to lover this for christmas.
Arrived quickly. Looks exactly as pictured. Just what I wanted. Cheap Name Necklace
I love it and you can’t beat the price! I definitely recommend.
It fit my girlfriend perfectly and it was the perfect size it wasn’t too big or too small it was just right.

Loveeee it purchased in October hasn’t changed colors even after I showered with it on by accidentVery beautiful, and good quality.

Very beautiful, and good quality. Though the chain could be better quality and longer. For the price it is worth it though.
Perfect! Just what I wanted. Packaged well and arrived in a timely fashion. Custom Name Necklace
This necklace is very nice in size and the details of the product is great.
I bought this as a gift and was very pleased with this item. The lovely gift box packaging was an extra added bonus.
I got this for my girl with my name cuz she wanted it for Christmas & she loved it
My daughter loved it and was super excited to be able to give this to her friend!!!
Christmas gift. She loved it. Cheap Name Necklace
Just a short chain other than that super cute
It doesn’t fade !!! I’ve had this forever now /haven’t tooken it off since I gotten it & it hasn’t turn that ugly bronze color
It is what i ordered, nothing less

I loved it soo pretty!!

Came in a beautiful box with a microfiber cloth to clean it with. Custom Name Necklace

This was a gift for our tween daughter. She looooves it and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique gift to give for any occasion.
My Daughter wears it everyday. She is very happy with it.
Love it. The only thing is that it takes so long to deliver. But after that everything else is perfect!
It is a great necklace! Never put it in the shower.
I love my necklace- I would prefer a better latch to put it on and take off more easily. It’s just chain- needs a larger hook and ring. But very happy otherwise and good length!
I love it, I literally wear it everyday. Cheap Name Necklace
This necklaces is love , is soooo pretty ,
I get compliments on the quality every time my daughter wears it!
I love it. It’s a great length and doesn’t feel too cheap even though it was only $10!
Granddaughter loved it!

Perfect! I hope my mom like it !

cute, not as shiny as pic, cut it is fine Custom Name Necklace
Bought as a gift, better quality than expected! Definitely will buy again.
Love it so much im order another one just takes a long time to come like too weeks oh well it worth the wait.
The necklace was beautiful. My daughter loved it and wears it all the time. My other children loved it as well and have placed requests to receive one on their birthday!
I love this necklace!!! Bought it for myself. Arrived so fast. Looks so beautiful. Chain is so dainty and perfect. I will definitely be buying this again for a gift.
Arrived quicker than expected which alone is awesome and the necklace is beautiful
LOVE it. was nervous about how cheap it was. very nice, very good condition
Love this necklace!! Great size and cute layered with other necklaces. Cheap Name Necklace
My granddaughter likes it, but the chain broke after one week of use. I had it repaired, but the chain is too light. No problems with the supplier.
Just as described. Beautiful. My son’s girlfriend will love it.