Exactly as pictured. People notice it ..cute font !

Super cute and dainty!
Worked well as a gift for Christmas Custom Name Necklace
It was amazing. Thank you so much.
Bought this for a girl I know. I can’t tell you her name, but, what I will tell you is that she’s worn this necklace fairly often for the past month or so and nothing seems to be turning green or rusting or anything. Still looks like a wearable necklace. I say go for it.
Very nice. Quaint. Cute. Wife loved it
I gave my niece both the silver and gold necklaces as a birthday gift and she loved them. I figured these would be great for her since she was turning four and wanted some jewelry of her own. They are a good size and not too big for her which I was concerned about. I know these may not last forever but what you get for the price is perfect for a little person who wants a little personalized bling!
Small but cute
Exactly what I was expecting! Cheap Name Necklace
Great for the price!
I wish there were more options to choose from since i did mine on amazon review trader and got a discounted rate i had to choose from the list the name i was looking for was not there but the quality of the necklace is amazing the person that i was able to choose the name for loved it she wears it all the time! thank you for making a great product!

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