You can feel the writing and I tend to rub it when I pray.

Definitely very LARGE and eye-catching. The medal has a strong metal scent that only grows stronger when it lays against your skin and it’s over 85 Fahrenheit, which is absolutely always where I live, but I coated it in clear nail polish and that seems to do the trick. Very nice, the chain is just the perfect length, I just *love* it. 🙂 14K Gold Name Necklace 
My favorite thing! I wear it all the time (never take it off). The chain shape doesn’t get caught in my hair all the time like rope chains (don’t know why, but it’s a miracle) the pendant is heavy enough that it stays in place and you can feel it there – I like that. I like the stainless steel – Shiny, new look all the time. You can feel the writing and I tend to rub it when I pray.
I purchased this as a gift for my niece because she graduated this past fall and went off to college and she’s a spiritual person, so I thought this would be nice instead of the typical cross. It’s like a dual gift Xmas and off to college and something long lasting to remember me by. Cheap Name Necklace 
I really bought this for the chain and, sure enough, the chain is really lovely. The pendant would have been nice, too, if only they had used the original King James Bible for the quote, which should read “…in earth…” instead of “…on earth…” This seems insignificant at first, until you really think about the meaning. Anyway, I gladly kept the chain and am using it regularly and have sent the other on to the thrift store where some dear unlearned soul will likely really appreciate it. The pendant with chain look really expensive…shhhh…that’s our secret.
Really do love this necklace and it seems to be of good quality. The medallion is a little heavier than I expected, which is good; seems like it will hold up very well. It’s exactly as pictured. Name Necklace 

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