This is a unisex necklace and it looks great on.

I love the medallion, the chain is a little longer than I wanted. Looks good overall. 14K Gold Name Necklace 
IMA start off by saying this chain is soooo damn icey it shine so hard every body ask is it real I had mine for a week people already trying to buy it off me U7 did they thing on this chain straight up if you looking for a gold chain that’s gonna wow people this that real deal

Color is good, does not look fake, lays flat on the skin, very smooth, does not catch on your collar or anywhere. A great everyday necklace that appears to stand up well the 6MM width is wide enough to stand out yet no to wide to appear gaudy. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes to wear jewelry but does not have several hundred dollars to spend on 14K. Gold being at over $2000.00 an ounce right now could make this if it were 14K be at least $500.00 because it does have some weight to it. I don’t want to spend that much right here before Christmas so I opted for this look alike and am very pleased. Cheap Name Necklace 
This is a very nice looking necklace. The 22″ length is just perfect as well as the 6mm size. The price is fantastic for the quality. It is 18 k gold plated and comes with a stamped tag on the necklace stating it. It is a snake design style. and it has a lobster claw clasp. This is a unisex necklace and it looks great on. This necklace comes with a storage bag and it comes in a nice gift box. Name Necklace 
Can’t go wrong for the price. The design makes it a pretty durable chain. Bought one months ago & no color has faded + the chain was still in the same condition. Just bought a second one (longer) to wear with it and was reminded of how nice the packaging & craftsmanship was for a plated chain. Definatley recommend especially on a budget, even has an 18K stamp on the connector link. Hard to spot fake.

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