He wears this EVERYDAY and it has not tarnished. He really loves this necklace.

This was a purchase for my Teenage Son. He wears this EVERYDAY and it has not tarnished. He really loves this necklace. Great for kids who are prone to loosing things. 14K Gold Name Necklace 
I bought this product with not the highest hopes due to getting what you pay for but I was WRONG!! This is a GREAT product that is perfect for looking good and not breaking the bank
This chain is great! I asked a local jewelry store owner about large pendants for it and when I pulled it out of my shirt to show her she emphatically said, “That is nice!” ‘Nuff said.
Decent chain i like the pattern in the links. The design is the reason i bought this chain, looks thick. The links and flat and its not easy to trist them so it sits right on your neck and chest /doesn’t really twist. The clasp is big too so thats a plus. Cheap Name Necklace 
Fast shipping and it’s blingly forsure but not over the top like I thought it would be. The color is good don’t worry about the neg comments bc I was gonna listen to them and they were wrong about the color at least I’ll review back in two months
Nice chain. The weight is nice, heavy and durable. Has a very nice shine in any light specially sunlight and got alot of complements at work and hangin out on the town. Name Necklace 
I was very satisfied by the package and how you swirled the necklace and the gold box. I like how you surprise me ( well my brother) with the thank you note and more pictures. One more thing I have to ask is ……..is this a girl necklace or boy necklace cause I bout this for my brother? Please answer….thank you
This is the best necklace I’ve ever owned it is still as shiny as the day I bought it. I think that was like 7 months? ive been threw a lot of the store bought ones but this one outlasted them all you can wet it and it still wont lose shine

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