Had it for a few weeks, I really like it more than expected for the price.

This chain is actually nice. I’ve received around 5 complements on it, and as long as the 18kGP link is hidden you’re Gucci. If you have a thicker neck, order bigger. I got the 6mm 22 inch and it just doesn’t hang right, but that is my fault. If you want to add a little flex to your outfit on a budget, this right here is great. 14K Gold Name Necklace 
Good, very happy! I took a shower and sweat with it and its in same condition, it doesn’t even smell like other fanatasy jewelry do when you ware. And for the price its worth it, i ordered 20″
This is a very Nice looking Chunky Necklace for a Gold Plated Piece I have to say!. I wore on My Long distance run today,and I like it, lots of Bling for sure!. will be ordering more U7 Jewelry. A real Chunky Necklace of this size would cost Me around 3000.00 or more, so I deal with Gold Plated Units for now. Cheap Name Necklace 
the 18 inch i ordered came on time and looks great but it get 4 stars because i ordered 2 chains 18 and a 20 inch, only received the 18 inch and the 9mm bracelet other than that, love this product.

It looks nice and fits well. It doesn’t say 18K played or have any stamp that I can see saying the karat it is, but it didn’t leave any green or any other colour on my neck, so I’m assuming if it’s fake than at least it isn’t a bad fake. And it didn’t cost me a great deal so I enjoy it. Name Necklace 
Had it for a few weeks, I really like it more than expected for the price. fits well, looks better in person actually. It’s me all day. I can’t speak for the long term durability however i’ma wear it for as long as I can.
Looks great. It’s long, sturdy, and lustrous. Getting it wet doesn’t seem to affect the gold plating any. I bought this for a cosplay and it serves its purpose well. Probably the best one for your value here on Amazon.

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